Hysteria is dedicated to German Americans

With the hope that they will have pride in their heritage and pass it on to their children.

US Ethnic Composition in 2000. German in light blue

Fifty million Americans have German ancestry and German Americans represent 17% of the total U.S. population (and 26% of the non-Hispanic white population). German was the top reported ancestry in 23 states, and it was one of the top five reported ancestries in every state except Maine and Rhode Island. German is the largest self-described ethnic group in the U.S., yet, less than 4%, or only 1.5 million Americans, speak any German. In the early twentieth century, German was the most widely studied foreign language in the United States, and prior to World War One more than 6% of American school-children received their primary education exclusively in German.

The ancient Barbarossa
By magic spell is bound,
Old Friedrich the Kaiser,
In castle underground.
The Kaiser hath not perished,
He sleeps an iron sleep;
For, in the castle hidden,
He’s sunk in slumber deep.
With him the chiefest treasures
Of empire hath he ta’en,
Wherewith, in fitting season,
He shall appear again.

The Kaiser he is sitting
Upon an ivory throne;
Of marble is the table
His head he resteth on.
His beard it is not flaxen;
Like living fire it shines,
And groweth through the table
Whereon his chin reclines.
As in a dream he noddeth,
Then wakes he, heavy-eyed,
And calls, with lifted finger,
A stripling to his side.

Dwarf, get thee to the gateway,
And tidings bring, if still
Their course the ancient ravens
Are wheeling round the hill.
For if the ancient ravens
Are flying still around,
A hundred years to slumber
By magic spell I’m bound.

‘Barbarossa’ by Friedrich Rückert

Hell: The Aftermath
World War Two: The Cultural and Physical Destruction of Germany